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Today, many of the nation’s elite colleges and universities are adding entrepreneurship education & training curriculums to their academic programs for entrepreneurial focused students. These education institutions are engaged in an Innovation Entrepreneurship arms race for entrepreneurial focused students with high Entrepreneurship IQs. These institutions are following a playbook established years ago by Stanford and M.I.T., which involves academic courses, practical experience and an extended alumni advisory network. Some of them are abandoning their core teaching philosophy and becoming entrepreneurial focused educational institutions.

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Practical Entrepreneur

Practical entrepreneurs are trained through experience from the marketplace over a period of time through trail and errors. Today, some are taught in business development incubators. Click here to view short video overviews

Innovative Entrepreneur

Innovative entrepreneurship education and training courses are now offered by some of America top colleges and universities. These elite colleges and universities are seeking to train the next generation of entrepreneurs with high entrepreneurship IQs.  Click here to view short video overviews

TrainFran Education

Entrepreneurial Focused Education & Training is sweeping the nation and the public education system is not preparing students fast enough for the advanced enrollment required by some of America’s elite colleges and universities, that are teaching next generation entrepreneurs. This new education and training philosophy has created a Modern American Entrepreneurship System that recognizes two types of entrepreneurs, one practical and the other innovative. Click here to view videos

Early Stage Franchise University

Early Stage Franchise University (ESFU) is a virtual education and training institution that offers academic career and business skill training courses for individuals and professionals that want a primary or secondary career in the Early Stage Franchise Industry. When new business fields are open in the franchise sector, new education and business skill training course are needed.

Click here to view videos