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“Billennial” is a new term originated by Rudy Lewis, the author of the book the “Billennial Generation” He is the founder of the Billennial Generation Society, an entrepreneurial focused education and support organization for parents with children born after the year 2000. Rudy Lewis first recognized entrepreneurial focused children while conducting research for his book: “Virtual Business Franchise, the billion dollar startup”. This generation of children had no appropriate name at the time for their generation hint: “Billennial Generation”. He said they seem to posses more entrepreneurial and technical ready business skills than any other group of children he had ever seen in his many years in business. He believes this is due in part to the technical games they played as children. The video & computer games they play connect them to each other across all social, culture, ethnic, language, and economic groupings regardless of race or national origin. Billennial Generation children are living in the era of the billion dollar startup and at a time when a million dollars no longer makes you rich. 

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