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Global Fight for Children against Economic Inequality

The Global Fight for Children against Economic Inequality is a campaign to share knowledge through generations. The generation is one of the few things humans have in common, that can be used to connect them to each other. The goal of the “Share the Knowledge Campaign” is to inform parents and others with children in entrepreneurial focused generations about issues and events that might affect them in an annual published generation book.

The share the knowledge movement begins with knowledge about profound changes coming to the economic and education systems in the United States and abroad. These changes are being brought about by the merging of the free market system with entrepreneurial focused education and training at the college level. Innovative entrepreneurship offers a new method of training entrepreneurs that is spreading rapidly and  is being taught in private schools, elite colleges and universities including Harvard, Stanford and M.I.T., to name a few.

Crowd Funding Campaign

This crowd funding campaign was create to establish a Generation Publishing Company that prints & distribute an annual edition of PreClassic Generation Book, for entrepreneurial focused generations in major languages and use  local distributors in areas with lesser known languages. The goal of the share the knowledge movement is to connect members in the same entrepreneurial focused generation through issues and events that affect them all, in the annual Billennial Generation Book.

ModernAmerican Entrepreneurship


The Modern American Entrepreneurship offers an advanced business philosophy for a new business system that recognizes two types of entrepreneurs, one practical and the other innovative, while the Practical Entrepreneur is self taught through trial and error. The Innovative Entrepreneur maybe taught in a classroom using credit and non-credit courses. Innovative entrepreneurs that learns entrepreneurship in a classroom will lack the field experience of a Practical Entrepreneur, therefore they will need additional assistance and support when they graduate or start a business of their own. 

Billennial Foundation LLC

The Billennial Foundation LLC is a for profit that will manage three entrepreneurial focused generations. Billennials are here and Trillennials are on the way and they both will pave the way for the Quintrillennial Generation which will begin their birth-run after 2040. It is estimated that in the United States there will be as many as 86 million children born into the Billennial Generation by 2020 and worldwide there will be approximately 2.7 billion people added to the world’s population from this generation, after its 20 year birth-run. Within 60 years 8.1 billion babies will be born in the world through three generations, they will double the current population of 7.5 billion people. 

PreClassic Generation Books





 Some, innovative entrepreneurs use support programs that provide additional business development and financial assistance for the life of the ventures, usually by equity capital investment partners that have an equity stake in the ventures. The Innovative Entrepreneur works well within a franchise business system.

Entrepreneurial  focused education and training is sweeping the nation and the public education system is not prepared to train this new type of entrepreneurial focused student. Therefore, it is up to parents to begin the teaching process for young children starting at home and expanding to pre-school and after school programs.  This “Share the Knowledge Campaign”, allow parents to learn a new entrepreneurship philosophy and then introduce it to their children while they are still young. When they become adults, they can use this special business knowledge to leave the working class and enter the emerging business investment class where most future opportunities will be created. Parents can get a head start by teaching their children and embracing this Modern Entrepreneurship Philosophy or fall victim to the future changes it will bring.

Special Notice:

This book is available in the Author’s Original Copy  and the  Advanced Edited Copy. The advanced copy won't be available until after the campaign ends. Other languages will be made available based on preorder requests. (Specify your preference in color and year). 

PreClassic Limited Editions

The Billennial Generation Book was first published in 2015 and is printed in four colors with the standard color in blue. The 2016 edition was printed in five colors with black as the standard color. The Billennial Generation Book is the first multigenerational publication that reached a generation first through their parents and when the children reach the age of consent directly.  The Billennial Generation Book also comes in PreClassic Limited Editions, these publications are printed annually with different color covers. There is a Generation Book Certificate available for PreClassic Limited Edition  books with an authorized color cover. You may apply for a certificate when you make your purchase.

Crowd Funding for a Movement

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Modern American Entrepreneurship - Book

The Modern American Entrepreneurship – Book is published in English and later in other languages, at the request of business teachers, because it is also used as a text book in our entrepreneurial focused education and training programs. The suggested retail price is $59.95 and the preorder price is  $49.95 plus shipping which is $3.45 for a total of $52.40. (US dollar) (It will be shipped within 30 days after this campaign end)  Click here

2015 PreClassic Generation Book


PreClassic Generation Books


2016 PreClassic Generation Book


PreClassic Generation Book


Crowd Funding Donations & Benefits

Billennial Generation Book prices are as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                            2015 standard book  cover color is blue - Suggest Retail - $44.95 plus shipping & taxes. Click here                                                                                                                   2016 standard book  cover color is black - Suggest Retail - $49.95 plus shipping & taxes. Click here

Limited Edition Book                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2015 book cover colors are red,  yellow and green-Suggest Retail-$64.95 plus shipping taxes.                                                                                                                                2016 book cover colors are yellow, red, blue and green-Suggest Retail - $69.95 plus shipping & taxes.        

Billennial Generation Book Certifices:

PreClassic Limited Edition                                                                         Year 2015 Billennial Generation Book Limited Edition  – Certificate       Year 2016 Billennial Generation Book Limited Edition – Certificate 

(You may request a free Billennial Generation Book Certificate, once you purchase a PreClassic Limited Edition book during the campaign.)

SSpecial Notice:

This book is available in the Author’s Original Copy  and the  Advanced Edited Copy. The advanced copy won't be available until after the campaign ends. Other languages will be made available based on preorder requests. (Specify your preference in color and year). 


Special Contributions: 

* A Donor that contributes more than $150 will receive a 2016 book in the standard color of black.  (with a signed certificate)

* A Donor that contributes more that $200 will receive a 2015 book in the  standard color of blue. (with a signed certificate) 

Donations & Benefits

Billennial Family Membership                                                   For a donation of $500 you will get a Billennial Family  Membership and a Billennial Generation Book with an authorized Generation Book Certificate. You may choose  either a 2015 of  2016 edition in the standard colors.       See Donation section above book sectione 

Affiliate Events:                                                                           Early Stage Franchise Investment Conference (The host city will determined enrollment criteria)                                                                        Early Stage Franchise Investment Conference & Forum                                                                                                                      *For a contribution of $300 you will get a free pass to an Early Stage Franchise Investment Conference. You will be among the first guest to attend this special  investment conference, hosted in one of 15 pre-designated cities in the United dates.  See Donation section above book section.                                                                                                                      *For a donation of  $700 you can attend both the Conference and the Investment forum. See Donation section above book section.  

Suggested Languages:

The official language of the Billennial Generation Book is English.                                                                                                                               All other languages are optional with the translation and printing dates determined by the number of preorder received for each additional language at the end of the campaign or if the language get enough preorders before the campaign end. (minimum of 500 copies)

Special Notice: You must specify your language preference when you preorder the book.  
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