The National Generation Society Association (NGSA), support an Entrepreneurial Focused Education and business philosophy that include a definition for wealthy in the Dominant Economic Period (DEP), during the twenty year birth‑run of a generation. The NGSA is a national policy making organization for entrepreneurial focused generations for private education and training including secondary career and business skill training.

 We now live in a global marketplace where people need additional benefits from companies they conduct business with beyond the purchasing of products and services. A Generation Access Market Strategy allows companies that are invited, to establish a long term relationship through joint sponsorships and endorsements. This marketing access strategy allows a company to reach one of the largest niche markets in the world. This marketing access program provides joint access services to reach a generation after their 20 year birth-run and beyond. For example: there are more than 133,000 Billennial Generation Children born in the United States each day, that’s 4.3 million born each year. There are more than 435,000 individuals’ born worldwide each day, at the end of a 20 year birth‑run there will be as many as 2.7 billion children born into a single generation. While servicing the current generation you will also indirectly encounter access to fourteen other people from every single child born into a generation. There are two parents, four grandparents and eight great, great grandparents, including relatives and friends of the family. 

Generation Territory Development Organization

The first stage in the establishment of a Generation Access Market Program is to authorize generation management organizations with the exclusive rights to offer the programs and services provide by the National & International Generation Society Association (NGSA) & (INGSA) in their authorized sectors. A Generation Territory Management Organization can cover a territory as large as a state and as small as a city. For instance, if the territory targeted for development is a city it will be managed by an Independent Management Company (IMC). A Generation Territory Development Organization is made‑up of early stage equity investors, franchisors, master franchisees, area franchise developers and independent franchisees. Likewise, there are independent marketing agencies, distributorships, distributors, independent and major service providers. Generation marketing territories are sold to early stage investors that are capable of forming a group that include master franchisees and area franchise distributors that can develop the franchise territories to accommodate independent franchise outlets. Since, the end of the Billennial Generation birth‑run is less that (4) years away, (year 2020) all future projects will include the Trillennial Generation.

Generation Management Company

Profound changes have come to the United States economic and education systems which is being brought about by colleges and universities, forming new types of relationships with entrepreneurial focused students that goes beyond the traditional education and training of potential entrepreneurs. Today, the nation’s elite colleges and universities are adding entrepreneurship education as a major curriculum, along with scholarships and grants for entrepreneurial focused students. These schools are engaged in an Innovation Entrepreneurship arms race for entrepreneurial focused students with high Entrepreneurship IQs. Harvard University opened an Innovation Lab in 2011 that help launch more than 75 companies. 

The mission of a generation management company is make the entrepreneurial focused economic and education system available to all children born after the year 2000, regardless of what country they live in. This new economic and education system produces an Innovative Entrepreneur that can be used to build manage business ventures that’s created in conjunction with others that provide assistance for an equity stake in the company. The Franchise Business System is more suited for Innovative Entrepreneurs than any other business structure. 

Generation Society Chapters and Branches

The Generation Management Company includes a network of local generation society’ chapters and branches, that protect the interest and welfare of children and young adults during their 20 year birth run. Generation society chapters and branches are managed by parents, grandparents, and others with children born into an entrepreneurial focused generation. These chapters also provide generation market access services to small and medium enterprise owners that provide quality products and services.  

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