Billennial Family Membership

Today’s the speed of change makes the traditional method of writing books for newly recognized entrepreneurial focused generations to slow. Therefore, we are establishing a PreClassic Book Publishing Company to write and publish limited edition books that inform parents, grandparents and others of annually changing in business and social events that might affect their children during their 20 year birth-run. A generation is the one thing that connects all people in the world regardless of race or national origin. Therefore, we want to publish these publications with the help of ordinary people, by raising the initial funds to build the publishing company through donations and business formation

Following are the types of family membership plans we offer:

1.   One adult and up to 2 children ‑ $250 – (*)

2.   One adult and up to 5 children ‑ $350– (*)

3.   Two adults and up to 3 children ‑ $450– (**)

4. Two adults and up to 6 children ‑ $550 – (**)

The above membership offers a onetime enrollment fee - providing the adult members remain active in the Business Formation Projects they selected. The value of the Business Formation Grant is $75 for the Investment Participation Level (IPL) assigned for the mailing used to determine notification at the end of a model development project. (See grant agreement) You may increase the amount in the initial registration. These projects are listed in the business formation incubator at:

CONCEPTSTARTER.NET, which is part of a Private Sector Business Infrastructure that connects small & medium enterprise owners that are seeking equity capital to a new breed of early stage investors. Thanks, to a small business investment bill that passed Congress and was signed into law in 2012 by President Obama as part of the Jobs Act.  The new law allows ordinary people to invest in early stage business ventures for the first time, since the 1930s. Concept Starter is a good place to start your search.

Authorized Merchandise

Family members and their children over 8 years old maybe enrolled by their parent in an Entrepreneurial Focused Entrepreneurship Club, if one exist in an active chapter or branch near them. They will also be eligible to purchase pictures with the flag of their country in the background. Likewise, a family may order posters, tee shirts and other merchandise with a picture of authorized items for an additional fee. Other family members may place authorized pictures on merchandise or may purchase stock items including merchandise with stock or family member’s pictures on tee shirts and mugs. The name “Billennial” is copyrighted and used as a trademark; therefore you will need special permission to use it on outside products or merchandise.

Grant Award Agreement

Terms & Conditions

Whereas: the Donor Contributor wishes to benefit from an affiliation with Billennial Foundation and their business model development services including niche market strategies to reach private business owners and others to build Business Formation Models in order to further attract equity and venture capital investments.

Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows:

The Donor Contributor understands that the project owner may choose to raise funds in the formation period of this new business venture without issuing an equity stake in their company. This is done through Crowd Funding Donations and Business Formation Grants. The Donor Contributor further understand that the Business Formation Grant is awarded to the project that needs a Business Formation Model to attract equity and/or venture capital, in their next round of funding. Once, the model is certified for its readiness to receive equity capital funding. The Donor Contributor will receive first option to invest when the owner of the project is ready to accept equity funding. This grant is given to a specific venture in the name that appears in this agreement as the "Business Formation Project". The grant is awarded in exchange for an Investment Participate Level and the exclusive option to buy a stake in the company, if and when  the owner is ready to accept equity capital investments.

This Business Formation Grant will be used as seed funds to build a Business Formation Model for the company, product prototype, trade/mark(s) to generate sufficient investor interest for successive financing rounds. The Donor Contributor further understand that the funds maybe used for the following: business research, trade/marks, logos, website development, business consulting, business development services, salaries, commissions, selling strategies, direct mail, brochure, marketing, customer evaluations & surveys, target marketing & feasibility studies, trade shows, travels, lodging and other necessary activities that will result in the development of a viable Business Formation Model.

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