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TrainFran Education & Training

TrainFran Education certifies teaching and speaking professionals that are needed to conduct entrepreneurial focused training and support for parents with Billennial Generation children. These training events are conducted through; conferences seminars and workshops...more

National & International Generation Society Associations

The Billennial Foundation is the management organization for the National & International Generation Society Associations (NGSA) & (INGSA). These two associations are the policy making organizations for entrepreneurial focused generations.

Billennials are here, Trillennials are on the way and they  both will pave the way for the Quintrillennial Generation. The Billennial Generation begins their birth-run after the year 2000. The Trillennial Generation will begin their birth-run after the year 2020 and the Quintrillennial Generation after 2040...more


Work-to-Own a Franchise

The cost of startups has increased beyond the range of ordinary people to open a business of their own. The Own an Equity Stake in Your City - Campaign for young adults can change the way young people view themselves and their City.  The Early Stage Franchise Industry, is the home of the Billion Dollar Startup. It also includes a Work-to-Own a Franchise ownership provision in all franchise business system that originated in cities with Early Franchise Exchange Branches.The centerpiece of the Own an Equity Stake in Your City - Campaign is the Work-to-Own a Franchise opportunity provision available to employees and others that satisfactorily complete an authorized Entrepreneurial Focused Training Program. The future franchise ownership training program is offered by either existing franchise brand management of affiliate entrepreneurial focused institutions. This franchise ownership training program will provide new employment and management opportunities for individuals that want a new career in franchising. more

Global Fight for Children


The MultiGen Salesmon Education & Training Program was established to teach mothers how to identify and cultivate entrepreneurial traits in their children and prepare them for the new world's economy. Salesmoms are also used to teach teens and other single moms how to use the Modern American Entrepreneurship Philosophy to economically empower themselves and their families. Entrepreneurial focused generations need education and training in entrepreneurship in order to be successful in the global marketplace. This is not the time to be stuck in a dead end job, waiting for the end to come, take control of your life and use this opportunity to build a career with a   future


Generation Market Access Program


Generation access marketing is a strategy that can reach one of the largest niche markets in the world. It provides joint access services to reach a generation throughout their 20 year birth-run and beyond. For example: there are more than 133,000 children born in the United States each day, that’s 4.3 million born each year. There are more than 435,000 individuals’ born worldwide each day and at the end of a 20 year birth-run there will be as many as 2.7 billion children born into a single generation ...more

Crowd Funding Project


Today, the speed of change makes the traditional process of writing a book for newly recognized entrepreneurial focused generation is to slow. Therefore, we are establishing a PreClassic Book Publishing Company to write and publish limited edition books that inform parents, grandparents and others of annually changing in business and social events that might affect their children during their 20 year birth-run. A generation is the one thing that connects all people regardless of race or national origin...more 

Congratulations to all mothers with new babies:

The impact of the new global marketplace makes the task of raising a child more difficult than ever. However, there is good news for parents that recognize they are living in a one would business system.  Today, a parent with a new born has two choices, one is to do nothing and your child will be forever be known as  a member of generation Z or you can have them acknowledged  by a Billennial  Generation Society in your country that managed by parents. Each baby born between 2016–2020 will get a Free lifetime acknowledgement by the Society, when a parent or legal guardian register them with a baby picture during the first year of their birth. Billennial generation society chapters and branches are established and managed by parents, grandparents and legal guardians...more


Equity Stake Campaign Webchannel

Own an Equity Stake in Your City - Campaign is a private sector initiative that encourages young adults and others with and without a college degree to participate in the building of a Private Sector Business Infrastructure for their city. A business infrastructure is needed in every city that wants to participate in the new economy ...more 

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